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Well met, I'm Kinnas Sembarr, Overseer of the Portals. Feel free to roam around but be warned for the powerful curse that was placed here long ago. So watch your step.

Olik's AD&D Pages
Nice place where you'll find a vast assortment of materials to spice up your gaming

Bejoscha's Page
Owner of the Tavern Maker

Wilbur's Homepage
The site of Wilbur the map generator

Everchanging Book of Names (EBoN)
Visit this page. Try the great naming program it offers

The Language Construction Kit
Ever needed a new language? Elven? Dwarven? Scmucken, maybe? Well learn to be independent, create your own with this comprehensive guide

World Building Guide
Links to anything you need to create your own world

Wowee, the RPG search Engine
The place to go for speacialized searches for all RPG

OrcTribe -- RPG related links on the Net
A good place to search for RPGs and CRPGs

Unearthed Arcania
Unearthed Arcania Advanced Dungeons and Dragons netbook

Home to the Unearthed Arcania netbook

Great Site, one of the greatest I've seen.

The Great RPG Archive
Large archive of Links

AD&D E-Zine -- The 3rd Eye

The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Site Exchange

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